The Garden Egg Chair by Peter Ghyczy, 1968

We, ‘BOLD-people’, love stories and histories. So we dove into the internet archives to track down more information about our Garden Egg Chair and its designer, Peter Ghyczy.

Ghyczy was child of an aristocratic family and grew up in Buda, a district of Budapest. After the invasion of the Red Army in 1945, in which his father was killed, he was sent to the family's property Vásárosnameny in the Puszta plains. In 1947 he was brought to Belgium by the International Red Cross for one year, where he learned French.

BOLD goes immo and decorated a brandnew, lofty apartment

(22/02/16) We added some decoration and inspiration to a fantastic for-rent apartment in Deerlijk.

Quite a catch, this apartment in Deerlijk! 

The crazy cart project

BOLD started a side-project. Since January, there is new blog online of Annelies with a gigantic upcycling challenge. How the heck did that happen?