Early bird

[nov 2015] For half a decade I worked in an Italian restaurant (#ladolcevita) as a bartender. I had a great time, met great people and loved the nervous rush of a packed restaurant.

Meet "Lt. Col. J.N. Tetley" - he made history!

Lieutenant Colonel J.N. Tetley and his battalion played a decisive role in attacking the Adolf Hitler Line in Italy. In 1944 they joined with a Canadian infantry brigade and on May 23rd they succeeded in breaking the line, albeit with serious casualties. Read more about J.N. Tetley, the 51 RTR and why the comrades still wear the Maple Leaf up until today ...


What are 'industrial antiques'

Industrial antiques are the well-worn stools, tables, benches, office furniture, lighting, equipment components and miscellaneous items from factories and schools, medical facilities, farms and shops. 

Great beauty in simple function
They are the tools, equipment and furnishings of people at work.