Ecstatic, proud, thankful, … the BOLD pop-up was fantastic

Months of preparation and hard work, harsh deadlines, doubts and questions, longing and excitement. And suddenly there it was … our very first pop-up shop, filled with vintage industrial antiques and curiosities. The opening night was a moment of great decompression and smiling, smiling, smiling. It was a wonderful week!

Our bartable shot the Red Baron (kinda)

This BOLD bar table has a remarkable history. Made of a Hofherr machine, it is based on the same technology used in the aircraft that shot down the Red Baron!

We start our story in 1842, in Lincoln, England. Nathaniel Clayton formed a partnership with his brother-in-law, Joseph Shuttleworth. They established an engineering company ‘Clayton & Shuttleworth’.

How it all started ...

[sept 2015] It all started over a year ago, on a sunny spring morning, with the party of the day before still in our eyes and bones, with a glass of champagne and a strong breakfast, at a wobbly table on the sidewalk, watching over the weekly antiques market on Bij Sint-Jacobs market in lovely wonderful Ghent. We raised our glass: ‘let’s get started, now’.