How it all started ...

[sept 2015] It all started over a year ago, on a sunny spring morning, with the party of the day before still in our eyes and bones, with a glass of champagne and a strong breakfast, at a wobbly table on the sidewalk, watching over the weekly antiques market on Bij Sint-Jacobs market in lovely wonderful Ghent. We raised our glass: ‘let’s get started, now’.

BOLD pops up @Kortrijk, from September 19th till 27th

We are housed in a curious building that has a remarkable history: from the first real water clinic to HQ of the traffic city police. Maybe you too picked up your lost/stolen bike here. I did!

Every day from 14h to 20h you can see, feel, touch and smell our products. Saturdays and Sundays we start at 10h, end at 21h. Crisscross the shop you can enjoy a photo exhibition and lush greenery of Floram Plantendesign. And, throughout the week we organize fun and odd activities. An authentic barber, a dead animal workshop and an expert who might as well declare you rich instantly.