How it all started ...

It all started over a year ago, on a sunny spring morning, with the party of the day before still in our eyes and bones, with a glass of champagne and a strong breakfast, at a wobbly table on the sidewalk, watching over the weekly antiques market on Bij Sint-Jacobs market in lovely wonderful Ghent. We raised our glass: ‘let’s get started, now’.

Actually, it started before that. Two years ago, on a hot summer night, in the thick and heavy air of San Sebastian, with a glass of champagne and some tapas, at a wobbly table on the sidewalk, we said ‘when the child is born, we should create our own antiques business’. And the idea kept wandering around in our heads.

But frankly, it started before that. Studying history at university, partying hard with lots of everything, my student condo quickly turned into a ‘wunderkammer’. I was collecting the most bizarre pieces from the most bizarre places. Red thread was nostalgia and black shiny 80’s furniture.

And that odd inclination was not that surprising. As a child I spent most of my time either playing football (had an amazing kick, I admit) or digging for treasures in the backyard, putting it on display in my father’s grocery shop. Re-usables was invented here, long before the world picked it up as a major trend. Picturing myself growing up definitely included the ‘hunting-gathering’ business.

Cannot go further in time, you think? Well, actually – all that BOLD is about – is genetically determined. You cannot imagine how thrilled my mother is about this project. Hi mam!

Roberto Baggio