From rusty desk lamp to shining pearl

PJ could salvage this little desk lamp in the far south of Hungary. With a little renovation work we could turn this dirty and rusty item into a real gem. 


Spring tingled through our veins, the young grass tickled our nose and singing birds danced in our heads. We could not resist the call of the East. And so we left on a new treasure hunt beyond the iron curtain.

BOLD at Motel Moteur

We end the summer with a blast: Motel Moteur, a unique art en design event. In a seventies Konstrukto villa in Rumbeke 2 artists invite numerous designers, fellow artits and companies from the art and design sector to bring a final homage to an architectural pearl. After the event the villa will be demolished to make place for a new project. BOLD is omnipresent: with our vintage design furniture and with our oyster bar. Finger-licking good!