COVID19 - visit & delivery policy

Although we will miss you all on our Sunday-shopping-days, we will keep our factory safely locked-up for now. Yet at the same time, we show some flex and allow a certain leniency, under strict conditions!


1. Only on appointment (one customer at a time!)

2. Loading is to be done by the client

3. Reserve your stuff  online, so we can do a time-saving wrapping beforehand.


1. Small stuff will be sent on our costs to any adress in Belgium. Tuesday & Thursday we hit the post-office and send out the goodies. 

2. Big stuff within our Belgian borders can be delivered by us, at reduced rates. We schedule a bi-weekly delivery tour, feel free to inform and book your timeslot. Please note that all unloading needs to be done by the customer!!

3. Big stuff around Europe is rather tricky, because it depends on a variety of factors which are not in our power to control. For now, count on a 2-5 week period. But feel free to get in touch and we will give you an actual update on the terms.

4. If wanted, we offer free-of-charge storage of any bought item till the pandemic is constrained & the measures released ( up until 2 weeks after the gallery reopens)