BOLD goes immo and decorated a brandnew, lofty apartment


We added some decoration and inspiration to a fantastic for-rent apartment in Deerlijk.

Quite a catch, this apartment in Deerlijk! Katrijn en Hendrik worked hard to deliver a fantastic home. Daylight pours in and the square meters are used to the fullest. Two bedrooms, a completely equipped open kitchen and a 20m² sunny oriented terrace for your Sunday brunch.
And, the apartment is ready for every energy challenge of the 21st century. It has an E29 energy label, and an astonishing low EPC of 46kWh/m². Located in the centre of the vivid, cosy town of Deerlijk, it is a rental offer you can’t refuse.

BOLD got the assignment to highlight the cozy- & classiness of this loft with some bold decoration. And to add some inspiration to enlighten the many possibilities to make this YOUR home. 

Contact us for either the decoration or the apartment!

Black and white kitchen - impressive storage space, incl.

The dining area comes with a lovely green view - there is no better place for the Garden Egg Chair, by P. Ghyczy

What a match: white cabinets, concrete floor and a deep brown cow skin

Have a seat in our safari chair and enjoy the brand-new apartment

Sweet dreams, sleep tight - and a Hungarian thinking chair to clear your mind

A touch of BOLD for this wonderful apartment - we loved the challenge!