The crazy cart project

There is new blog online of Annelies with a gigantic upcycling challenge. How the heck did that happen?


Last year, PJ came home with 99 industrial carts loaded in his van. He saved the carts from the scrapyard. They originally belonged to a textile print factory in Kortrijk. For decades the carts transported goods throughout the factory. The iron frames were weathered, but intact. The wooden tops were lost.
At the time we had no idea what to do with all those transport carts, so we stored them in the old piggery of PJ’s grandparents.

In 2016 we want to tackle the carts and start upcycling. And we want the world to be part of it. So, we set up a blog: Here you can follow all the creative thinking and tinkering of Annelies. Tag, like, share and follow!

This old industrial transport cart needs some serious upcycling!

All set for my upcycling project!

Let's go crazy!