We visited a magnificent museum and saw …

Our garden egg chair in full glory! It was at the ADAM, the new Art & Design Atomium Museum in Brussels.

The ADAM offers an impressive permanent exhibition called Plasticarium, which reveals the private collection of Philippe Decelle. Over the years he collected more than thousand items from plastic, from the 1960s up until now. It is an international eye-catcher, unprecedented in Europe.

The range of the ADAM is comprehensive and diverse. The Universale chair by Joe Colombo from 1968 – the first collection item of Decelle, the Nessino by Città Neuva from 1973, the Play Sofa by Alberto Rosselli, along with the unique pieces of Gaetano Pesce. What a happy, joyful and bright collection! And of course, there is the comfortable iconic Garden Egg of Peter Ghyczy from 1968. Its polyurethane foam seat pads covered in jersey fabric (containing nylon fibres), was designed for outdoor use. In the event of rain, the chair can be closed to form a perfect egg shape. It is one of Decelle’s personal favourites (“Look, so pure, a chair in an egg.”). And we couldn’t agree more: our blue-and-red chair is indeed a real catch! Come and see, every first Saturday of the month …

Read more about the Egg Chair's remarkable history: The Garden Egg Chair, by P. Ghyczy, 1968

The ADAmuseum is located next to the Atomium, Brussels

What a happy, joyful and bright collection!

And then we saw the Garden Egg Chair - "a chair in an egg"