What are 'industrial antiques'

Industrial antiques are the well-worn stools, tables, benches, office furniture, lighting, equipment components and miscellaneous items from factories and schools, medical facilities, farms and shops. 

♦ Great beauty in simple function
They are the tools, equipment and furnishings of people at work.  Designed to do a job these items have survived decades and even centuries of heavier than average wear.  If broken they were patched up and put back into duty, time and again. In the late 1990s industrial items began to come out of the shadows and today have earned a place alongside period antiques and in decors by top designers around the world. 

♦ Rust is the new black
Industrial is perfect for people who want a unique look. The objects may have been mass produced but the service required of them differed greatly and that difference is reflected in the amount and type of wear. With paint spatters or corrosion, burn marks or oil stains, it is unlikely you will find your industrial table anywhere else.  

Not everybody "gets" industrial antiques, but for aficionados, rust is the new black and there's no chic like industrial chic!